Naples is one of the safest communities in the Nation to live and work.

Your safety is always a number one priority and although no community is crime free you can be comforted to know Naples is recognized as being one of the safest communities for you to live, work, or retire. For the past seventeen years we have seen a steady decline in criminal activity.  Our local law enforcement agencies are top professionals who put your safety as their number one priority. Our law enforcement's success is not entirely their own which they gladly admit.  Residents of Collier County are also included into the why we have such a low crime rate.  Neighborhood watch and simple crime prevention efforts on the behalf of our residents make a huge difference by eliminating the opportunity crimes, ie. car burglaries prevented by simply locking your car. Local law enforcement provides residents notices of any recent trends in criminal activities and constantly are making suggestions that you can take to make yourself and your family, and our community safer. 

Local law enforcement is very active within our School system providing Youth Relations Deputies at each school that not only add that physical layer of protection at the school for our students and faculties, but work with our youth to build strong positive relations between law enforcement and our youth. The Sheriff runs two programs within the Collier County School system, Junior Deputy program for fourth graders which focuses on safety and civic values, and DARE (Drug Awareness and prevention) program for fifth graders. Each summer the Sheriff holds a one week summer program for high school seniors that walk the students through the field of law enforcement. Additionally the Sheriff partners with the Junior Deputy League of Collier County providing fun family value activities for the youth. I have heard the Sheriff state on several occasions that if we keep the kids busy they have less time to get in trouble.

Check out the Facts (provided by Collier County Sheriff Department and Florida Law Enforcement.